Monday, July 16, 2012

Podcast coming

So, like many others I am launching a podcast in yet another attempt to get....attention!  Unlike some others though I am hoping to entertain rather than just pontificate...

Ray and I have been recording not only conversations on our opinions of steampunk community issues, we are also recording audio drama's based on our Steam Powered Tales Of Awesomeness™ fiction...gathering together other voice actors to help flesh out the stories and characters.

Yesterday as Ray laid down his first voice tract I deleted the audio file, glanced over at him and stated "wow you suck at this !"  Yeeeeesssss the creative flow and exchange here at Epiphany Arts is staggering sometimes...reminds me of the time I Fabreezed™ a contractor...!

So please be patient as we sharpen our acting skills, revise our scripts and edit out all the stumbles and mumbles in the audio files-the SPTA Podcast should be up shortly....assuming my cowriter doesn't punch me.

"...I just want you to know, everything you are doing is bad!"

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