Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Post Philcon

So, Ray and I did our first general sci-fi convention (as opposed to a steampunk specific one)... and I was happy with our reception.  Ray and I shine ( I think) when we are on discussion panels where we can share our knowledge and love of geek-things.  We are both well educated, well read and opinionated enough to know NOT to take ourselves to seriously and I know my job is to entertain as much as inform when I'm on these things.

I was also excited about how much the panel of "professional" authors HATED us!  These four fossils thought they had some secret knowledge only granted to those who ...I don't know...sucked the dick of the first sci-fi anthology publishers or who could name all the various sci-fi stories involving bread mold...

They asked us three times "are you sure you are supposed to be on this panel?" Yes, and the fact that we knew as much or even more about the subject seemed to cause them physical pain, almost as much as did our unwillingness to bow before their superior intellects!

In retrospect its really a good thing:
-we did not go armed
-I did not drink before the panels
I'm not saying I would stab an arrogant old fucker or jack him once the crowd left the room...only an idiot would make that kind of claim on an open internet forum...

...what was I saying?
Oh, yeah we had a good time and are looking forward to Time Travelers Resort in Feb where we will be unveiling the book...finally.
And we are going armed.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Almost done

Well, the book is in it's last revision/update.  Ray and I knocked out the last few missing pieces and now I just need to draw...a bunch!  Not to worry though, I'm on it.

I also finished a piece of music and the storyboard for the book trailer video, and doing the final illustrations for the book also deals with some of the art I need for the trailer.

I expect to meet my Nov deadline for self publishing the first book run assuming my editor doesn't find a bunch of mistakes...

Monday, July 16, 2012

Podcast coming

So, like many others I am launching a podcast in yet another attempt to get....attention!  Unlike some others though I am hoping to entertain rather than just pontificate...

Ray and I have been recording not only conversations on our opinions of steampunk community issues, we are also recording audio drama's based on our Steam Powered Tales Of Awesomeness™ fiction...gathering together other voice actors to help flesh out the stories and characters.

Yesterday as Ray laid down his first voice tract I deleted the audio file, glanced over at him and stated "wow you suck at this !"  Yeeeeesssss the creative flow and exchange here at Epiphany Arts is staggering sometimes...reminds me of the time I Fabreezed™ a contractor...!

So please be patient as we sharpen our acting skills, revise our scripts and edit out all the stumbles and mumbles in the audio files-the SPTA Podcast should be up shortly....assuming my cowriter doesn't punch me.

"...I just want you to know, everything you are doing is bad!"

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chap book'n

So a few of us are going to Dorian's Parlor this Saturday to sell some of the chap books.  I have to say I've kinda' taken Dorians for granted, and now that it is moving to a quarterly event I'm going to miss it.  More to the point, I'm going to miss the opportunity to promote, mingle and be steam-ic every moth.  Now I will have to schedule my steam-outings and I'm sure my Fall schedule will not work with a single date in Sept or Oct.

So after this half-assed last minute attempt to stay visible in the Philly steampunk community (thanks to Prof. Donnelly for letting us pilot fish off his table) we will be forced to make our own magic in 2012.  We do have a book signing in July at Between Books, though....so maybe it's time to make my own magic anyway.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Camp Friendship

The first IAAC encampment was successfully erected at Steampunk Worlds Fair 2012!  Head over to www.steampulptales.com and hit the gallery for pics (which means now I gotta go over there and add friggin pics)
The goal of Camp Friendship was to introduce the fiction of the IAAC, and introduce our newly released promotional chap book The Five Sisters.  If you were not lucky enough to attend SPWF or sober enough to buy a copy of the chapbook you can order a copy from the steampulp site (oh christ, now I have to set that up too!)
I would like to thank all the members of the IAAC for the hard work they put in building the camp, especially Mr. Stout who once again proved you don't need rhythm to build great furniture!

I would also like to thank Mr. Boote' for suggesting the name Camp Friendship in place of the original Camp Stone A Foreigner, which in retrospect probably would not have made as nice an impression on our new Japanese friends.  The French band never showed up so the alternative Camp Bomb Paris was probably also fine but it didn't fit on the place cards as well.

Also thanks to Captain Owen for falling asleep in camp and guarding all the alcohol we left lying around-well thanks to his mechanical bird for watching the alcohol anyway.

Once again the props got better media coverage than me, and this year it was the ThuLu who was a hit with the photographers and the ladies.  Six tentacles and no waiting!

Now we are discussing how best to set up a version indoors for events this summer and possibly Wicked Fair 2013.
Lastly, the IAAC is recruiting!  If you are ready to serve the Empire, there may be a place on the front lines of peaceful Amerikan expansion and conquest for you!

...you aren't French are you?

New Beginnings

Hello!  If you are reading this...then my mom isn't the only one who comes here!
Like patient zero this blog has risen from the dead and I promise to upkeep it better...more like a way to track the growth of the IAAC-The Imperial Amerikan Air Corp™ and the launch of Steam Powered Tales OF Awesomeness ...and less like the way I kept up the goldfish that died in my dorm in the eighties and stunk up the whole floor while I was busy living in sin with my girlfriend!

But enough about sex in the eighties!  You are here for Steampunk News!