Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Post Philcon

So, Ray and I did our first general sci-fi convention (as opposed to a steampunk specific one)... and I was happy with our reception.  Ray and I shine ( I think) when we are on discussion panels where we can share our knowledge and love of geek-things.  We are both well educated, well read and opinionated enough to know NOT to take ourselves to seriously and I know my job is to entertain as much as inform when I'm on these things.

I was also excited about how much the panel of "professional" authors HATED us!  These four fossils thought they had some secret knowledge only granted to those who ...I don't know...sucked the dick of the first sci-fi anthology publishers or who could name all the various sci-fi stories involving bread mold...

They asked us three times "are you sure you are supposed to be on this panel?" Yes, and the fact that we knew as much or even more about the subject seemed to cause them physical pain, almost as much as did our unwillingness to bow before their superior intellects!

In retrospect its really a good thing:
-we did not go armed
-I did not drink before the panels
I'm not saying I would stab an arrogant old fucker or jack him once the crowd left the room...only an idiot would make that kind of claim on an open internet forum...

...what was I saying?
Oh, yeah we had a good time and are looking forward to Time Travelers Resort in Feb where we will be unveiling the book...finally.
And we are going armed.

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